PPI: The Key Facts
Don’t Ignore This!

Last updated: April 5th 2017

Payment protection insurance, or PPI for short, was sold alongside credit cards, loans, mortgages, car finance and store cards. It was supposed to cover payments on the finance it was tied to if consumers were unable to keep up those payments.

However, it was mis-sold to millions of people across the United Kingdom. Consumers who did not ask for it or need it were mis-sold PPI. Many people didn’t even realise they were paying for it.

For this reason, PPI is the biggest mis-selling scandal in the history of British banking.

Despite the scale of the mis-selling, there is a deadline on all PPI claims. All claims have to be submitted by August 29, 2019. If you don’t make your claim before then, you could miss out on £1,000’s

It’s imperative that consumers who are unsure about PPI act sooner rather than later. Banks have set aside more than £40bn to refund consumers. Much of this remains unclaimed, and some of it could be yours.

Whether you had one loan you want to check, or years’ worth of loans, credit card and car finance plans, using a Claims Management Company can make the whole process a breeze. To find out for definite whether you were mis-sold PPI and to start your claim today, click below.